Distributed Storage Systems

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Lab Due dateCheck Grade
Lab 1: lock server Feb 4
Lab 2: barebone file server Feb 18
Lab 3: reading, writing and sharing files Feb 25
Lab 4: mkdir, remove and locking Mar 4
Lab 5: cache consistency Mar 11

For the brave souls

Class machines are shared and will be slow when everybody starts to compile codes before the lab deadlines. This is for people who want to compile and run the labs on their own Linux machines (You will still need to submit your code on the class machines though.). All the source files for the labs and its infrastructure are available here.
The steps:


This set of labs are originally designed by rtm for 6.824

Lab logistics

Class Machines

Labs must be completed and submited on these class machines.
Follow these two steps to get an account:

1. Register here and you will receive an email with a temporary password. This step must be done before Tue Jan 23rd noon
2. Log on to brain.news.cs.nyu.edu using your temporary passwd. Change your password to a good solid real password. This step must be completed before Wed Jan 24th noon

You must complete both step 1 & 2 before the deadlines, otherwise, we'll assume you are no longer taking the class and deactivate your account.