Our group works on large-scale distributed computing, security, systems aspects of Big Data, low-cost computing for the developing world, and millimeter wave wireless.


11/1/2021: Congratulations to Prof. Aurojit Panda for winning the NSF CAREER Award!

10/1/2021: Congratulations to Ding Ding for winning the Deepmind Fellowship!

9/1/2021: Welcome new Ph.D. students, Muhammad Hasseb.

9/1/2020: Welcome new Ph.D. students, Ding Ding, Ye Zhang, Jessica Berg.


Recent publications

{Isolation Mechanisms for High-Speed Packet-Processing Pipelines}, NSDI, Tao Wang and Xiangrui Yang and Gianni Antichi and Anirudh Sivaraman and Aurojit Panda, 2022

Snicket: Query-Driven Distributed Tracing, Proceedings of the Twentieth ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, Berg, Jessica and Ruffy, Fabian and Nguyen, Khanh and Yang, Nicholas and Kim, Taegyun and Sivaraman, Anirudh and Netravali, Ravi and Narayana, Srinivas, 2021

Synthesizing Safe and Efficient Kernel Extensions for Packet Processing, Proceedings of the 2021 ACM SIGCOMM 2021 Conference, Xu, Qiongwen and Wong, Michael D. and Wagle, Tanvi and Narayana, Srinivas and Sivaraman, Anirudh, 2021

CloudEx: A Fair-Access Financial Exchange in the Cloud, Proceedings of the Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems, Ghalayini, Ahmad and Geng, Jinkun and Sachidananda, Vighnesh and Sriram, Vinay and Geng, Yilong and Prabhakar, Balaji and Rosenblum, Mendel and Sivaraman, Anirudh, 2021

The Case for Model-Driven Interpretability of Delay-Based Congestion Control Protocols, , Khan, Muhammad and Zaki, Yasir and Iyer, Shiva and Ahamd, Talal and Poetsch, Thomas and Chen, Jay and Sivaraman, Anirudh and Subramanian, Lakshmi, 2021

Breaking the {Transience-Equilibrium} Nexus: A New Approach to Datacenter Packet Transport, 18th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI 21), Shiyu Liu and Ahmad Ghalayini and Mohammad Alizadeh and Balaji Prabhakar and Mendel Rosenblum and Anirudh Sivaraman, 2021