Zhaoguo Wang

        Post-doc Researcher
        Department of Computer Sciences
        New York University  

        Office: 715 Broadway Room 707

        Email: zhaoguo at nyu dot edu

About me

I am a post-doc researcher at NYU supervised by Jinyang Li. Before joining NYU, I got my Ph.D. from Fudan University under the guidance of Haibo Chen and Jinyang Li, working with amazing people in IPADS. I will become an assistant professor/faculty fellow and begin to teach class from next semester at NYU. Here is my CV.


Eunomia: Scaling Concurrent Search Trees under Contention Using HTM
Xin Wang, Weihua Zhang, Zhaoguo Wang, Ziyun Wei, Haibo Chen, Wenyun Zhao
In Proceedings of The 22nd ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principle and Practice of Parallel Computing (PPoPP 2017)

Scaling Multicore Databases via Constrained Parallel Execution
Zhaoguo Wang, Shuai Mu, Yang Cui, Han Yi, Haibo Chen, Jinyang Li
In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data. (SIGMOD'16)

Spartan: A Distributed Array Framework with Smart Tiling.
Chien-Chin Huang, Qi Chen, Zhaoguo Wang, Russell Power, Jorge Ortiz, Jinyang Li and Zhen Xiao.
In Proceedings of USENIX Annual Technical Conference. (ATC'15)

Persistent Transactional Memory.
Zhaoguo Wang, Han Yi, Ran Liu, Mingkai Dong and Haibo Chen
In Proceedings of IEEE Computer Architecture Letters 14.1 (2015): 58-61. (CAL'15)

Using Restricted Transactional Memory to Build a Scalabe In-Memory Database
Zhaoguo Wang, Hao Qian, Jinyang Li and Haibo Chen
In Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Systems. ACM, 2014. (EuroSys'14)

Opportunities and Pitfalls of Multicore Scaling Using Hardware Transaction Memory
Zhaoguo Wang, Hao Qian, Haibo Chen, and Jinyang Li.
In Proceedings of the 4th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems. (APSYS'13)

COREMU: a scalable and portable parallel full-system emulator
Zhaoguo Wang, Ran Liu, Yufei Chen, Xi Wu, Haibo Chen, Weihua Zhang, and Binyu Zang.
In Proceedings of the 16th ACM symposium on Principles and practice of parallel programming. (PPoPP'11)