Jinyang Li 李金扬


60 5th Ave
New York, NY 10011
Contact: firstname at cs nyu edu

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I work on building easy-to-use and high-performance distributed infrastructure that can simplify application development and achieve scalable performance. I work with a group of talented students in the NYU systems group.

We live in an era with unprecedented amounts of data. Popular web applications store the data of billions of users and process these data offline to gather business insights. The increasing deployment of networked sensors, cameras, monitors, and devices also generate massive amounts of data. How to store such vast amounts of data efficiently and reliably across many machines? How to let applications query and update distributed data safely and quickly in the face of concurrency and failure? How to run state-of-the-art computation to analyze data at scale so that we can make sense of the collected data in real time? These are the principal questions that our research aims to address.

I am teaching Distributed Systems in Fall 2017.

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About me

I got a B.S. in computer science from National University of Singapore. My undergraduate adviser is Y.C. Tay. I got a Ph.D. from MIT, working under the guidance of Robert Morris and Frans Kaashoek as a lucky PDOS member. I also had a great year as a postdoc working with Scott Shenker at Berkeley.