Our group works on large-scale distributed computing, security, systems aspects of Big Data, low-cost computing for the developing world, and millimeter wave wireless.


2/3/2018: Prof. Joseph Bonneau is the winner of the 2017 PET Award for his paper CONIKS: Bringing Key Transparency to End Users, USENIX Security Symposium 2015.

10/29/2017: SOSP best paper for "The Efficient Server Audit Problem, Deduplicated Re-execution, and the Web". Congratulations to Cheng Tan, LingFan Yu, Joshua Leners and Mike Walfish!

9/1/2017: Prof. Anirudh Sivaraman and Prof. Joseph Bonneau have joined us this Fall! We will also be expecting Prof. Aurojit Panda in Fall 2018

8/20/2017: Prof. Anirudh Sivaraman and colleagues won SIGCOMM best paper award for "Language-directed hardware design for network performance monitoring"


Recent publications

{ResQ: Enabling SLOs in Network Function Virtualization}, NSDI, Amin Tootoonchian and Aurojit Panda and Chang Lan and Melvin Walls and Katerina Argyraki and Sylvia Ratnasamy and Scott Shenker, 2018

{Language-Directed Hardware Design for Network Performance Monitoring}, SIGCOMM, Srinivas Narayana and Anirudh Sivaraman and Vikram Nathan and Prateesh Goyal and Venkat Arun and Mohammad Alizadeh and Vimalkumar Jeyakumar and Changhoon Kim, 2017

{dRMT: Disaggregated Programmable Switching}, SIGCOMM, Sharad Chole and Andy Fingerhut and Sha Ma and Anirudh Sivaraman and Shay Vargaftik and Alon Berger and Gal Mendelson and Mohammad Alizadeh and Shang-Tse Chuang and Isaac Keslassy and Ariel Orda and Tom Edsall, 2017

{Encoding, Fast and Slow: Low-Latency Video Processing Using Thousands of Tiny Threads}, NSDI, Sadjad Fouladi and Riad S. Wahby and Brennan Shacklett and Karthikeyan Vasuki Balasubramaniam and William Zeng and Rahul Bhalerao and Anirudh Sivaraman and George Porter and Keith Winstein, 2017

{Proofs-of-delay and randomness beacons in Ethereum}, S&B '17: Proceedings of the 1st IEEE Security & Privacy on the Blockchain Workshop, Benedikt Bunz and Steven Goldfeder and Joseph Bonneau, 2017

{Certificate Transparency with Privacy}, The 17th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Saba Eskandarian and Eran Messeri and Joseph Bonneau and Dan Boneh, 2017